The Instrument of Government of Sweden (1994, as amended 2015) (excerpts related to Referendum) (English)

The Instrument of Government



Chapter 8. Acts of law and other provisions

Art. 16.
A referendum shall be held on a proposal concerning fundamental law which is
held in abeyance over an election, on a motion to this effect by at least one tenth of
the members, provided at least one third of the members vote in favour of the
motion. Such a motion must be put forward within fifteen days from the date on
which the Riksdag adopted the proposal to be held in abeyance. The motion shall
not be referred for preparation in committee. The referendum shall be held
simultaneously with the election referred to in Article 14.
In the referendum, all those entitled to vote in the election are entitled to state
whether or not they accept the proposal on fundamental law which is being held in
abeyance. The proposal is rejected if a majority of those taking part in the
referendum vote against it, and if the number of those voting against exceeds half
the number of those who registered a valid vote in the election. In other cases the
proposal goes forward to the Riksdag for final consideration.


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